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> Specifically, LuaSocket does not seem to be too happy about it.  For
> example, when I tell it to bind to a port using 'socket.bind("*",
> 1234)' it claims it is listening on port 1084769792, which seems a bit
> high for a port number.  The problem showed up in other places, like
> socket.time(), as well.

The problems I was having with LuaSocket were actually from Lua not
honoring the NUMBER= line for me.   I manually put the USE_INT lines
from etc/luser_number.h into lua.h and it solved my problem.  If I get
a chance I'll try to figure out why it wasn't reading the information
from luser_number.h properly. "-DLUA_USER_H='"../etc/luser_number.h"'
-DUSE_INT " was appearing on the command line when compiling, so I'm
not sure why the problem showed up.

Zachary P. Landau <>