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i personally prefer the # syntax. 

#t seems 'right' to me. 

i was talking w/ rici in #lua , and 
i do like his idea of foo@n as 
returning the meta info of foo. though i made the following suggestions,
lemme know what you all think. 

first of all, to me i think of this as saying "the meta info
of the foo object/table/userdata"  so i'd rather see the 
meta info thing first..  ie : 
'n@foo'  also the '@' doesn't seem descriptive to me, so i'd want to 
change that to :  'n of foo' which seems very descriptive and 
powerful to me. 
the only downside is in an expression : 

a = length of foo + 1 

we feel the need here to toss a () around 'length of foo' , it doesn't
"feel" like it binds more than the + operator.  i think this is 
a minor issue though, either i could toss the () in to make myself
"feel" better, or i can eventually get used to the syntax. 

now, fi this comes to pass, then #t  may be redundant. 
one could perhaps say ... ->   t [ n of t + 1 ] = v 

what do you all say? 


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