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I'm using 5.1-work0.  These are the #defines I changed:

#define LUA_NUMBER      int
#define LUA_INTEGER     int
#define LUA_NUMBER_SCAN "%d"
#define LUA_NUMBER_FMT  "%d"

#define lua_str2number(s,p)     strtol((s), (p), 10)


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> Zachary Landau
> Sent: Thursday, November 04, 2004 2:43 PM
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> Subject: Using integers instead of floats with Lua 5.0.2
> Hello,
> I am in the process in bringing Lua up on a Coldfire board with no
> FPU.  By changing the NUMBER= line in the lua 'config' file I was able
> to compile Lua with support for using integers instead of floats,
> which helped a lot.
> Has anyone else done this with a recent version of Lua?  I'm wondering
> if it causes any problems with lua itself, as well as any popular
> extentions.
> Specifically, LuaSocket does not seem to be too happy about it.  For
> example, when I tell it to bind to a port using 'socket.bind("*",
> 1234)' it claims it is listening on port 1084769792, which seems a bit
> high for a port number.  The problem showed up in other places, like
> socket.time(), as well.
> If anyone has some advice for making lua and friends play nicely with
> integers, please let me know.
> -- 
> Zachary P. Landau <>