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Goetz Kluge wrote:
> Could lua be implemented as lua.efi for Intel's EFI?

Certainly. The core might work more or less unmodified, the core libraries
may need to be adapted. But I have only read the EFI specs and never
cared to use the development environment, so this is IMHO.

> Intel pushes EFI as a kind of replacement of BIOS.

While I don't doubt Intels ability to push standards into the market,
it has been awfully silent about EFI recently. Maybe because it was
just a vehicle to get more device support for Itanium-based machines.

> EFI has a shell via which applications (e.g. test programs) can be run.
> A small language like lua may be just the right scripting tool for such
> an environment.

Well, the EFI shell is simplistic, but works for the kind of things that
need to be done at boot time. My feeling is that developing lua.efi is
more or less an academic experiment ('It can be done').

So, where's the real-world use-case? Or, to put it another way: what do
you intend to do that cannot be done with the current EFI environment?

> Regards from Munich

Dito. :-)

BTW: Looking at your mail address: what about a smartcard with a Lua VM?
     That would certainly be interesting ...