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El 13/10/2004, a las 23:03, Asko Kauppi escribió:

What's more important, imho, is not the syntax per se, but that the behaviour behind that syntax is flexible. That you can expand, create anew, do whatever you want within that 'fixed' framework. I'd regard this analogous to the C preprocessor. I am of the camp that #define is one of the best _features_ of the language. :) Some -I know- consider it a bug. ;)

I totally agree here: I have been able of making things with the C preprocessor that scare my university mates, bwahahaha! But — no joke — I wouldn't like C/C++/ObjC as much as I do if the C preprocessor wasn't there.

What I don't like about CPP: it's not well suited to rewrite ObjC method calls :_(


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