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I don't agree with Philippe's notion that "arbitrary markup signs" would be a Good Thing. Too much flexibility in the wrong place, and you end up with a rubber hose that bends, but does not stay stiff. Personally, I think there's nothing major wrong in the HTML syntax; at least it's so common it will be around for 10+ years to come.

What's more important, imho, is not the syntax per se, but that the behaviour behind that syntax is flexible. That you can expand, create anew, do whatever you want within that 'fixed' framework. I'd regard this analogous to the C preprocessor. I am of the camp that #define is one of the best _features_ of the language. :) Some -I know- consider it a bug. ;)


13.10.2004 kello 21:41, Brian Wisti kirjoitti:

--- Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:

[ snipping a lot of good stuff ]

Don't forget international users. On French keyboard (AZERTY), all
keys are equally tedious to type: AltGr + key...
A good system is a flexible system, allowing arbitrary markup signs
(start/end string).

I've got a Ruby-based templating system (PageTemplate) which lets you
use a personalized markup "glossary". It might make a fun first project
for me to port to Lua :-)

Kind Regards,

Brian Wisti