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I had a short glimpse on AFT and Structured Text now.

Let's say there are two sides to Lumikki. The one is a rude, simple, "easifier" that resembles the Structured Text approach. It takes care of:

	- adding <HTML>, <BODY>, <P> tags if you forgot
	- converting umlauts, & char automatically
	- other such "rude" stuff

Then there's the other side, the macro feature.

- allows use of predefined macros (s.a. <@GRA ..> which will be _very_ powerful in the future ;)
	- allows definition of your own macros (as Lua code)

The latest point I don't find in AFT & ST. It really makes all the difference, much like Lua's "metaprogramming" mindset. Instead of giving you tools, it gives way of easily making those tools.

This said, thanks for the links. :)

13.10.2004 kello 10:26, <> kirjoitti:

1. Lumikki seems to be an interesting project, but have you analysed any other software with similar goals? There is an AFT (Almost Free Text) which is like Lumikki but uses a more clean (IMHO) syntax (no HTML tags at all). Zope project has "Structured Text" subsystem for same purpose. And Wiki markup language... Not sure, but sometimes it is better not to invent bycicle ;).

2. Why "<@TAG params>"? Ok, it's like HTML but also tedious - "<" and ">" are entered with shift... IMHO "[TAG params]" is better because no shift needed and difference from HTML makes source more readable. Well, there could be even better ways:
what about just "TAG{params}" (shift again, but so familiar... :))?

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Welcoming all you COBOL users ;D to my new Lumikki-crafter website.

Do press the links; the main page is a tribute against fancy throw-ins.


12.10.2004 kello 00:44, Ben Sunshine-Hill kirjoitti:

 Nahh... we all switched over to COBOL.

On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 00:01:37 +0300, Asko Kauppi <>

is the list up, still?   :)