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Daniel Silverstone wrote:
If people are genuinely concerned about the licence then I'm prepared to alter the licence on the profiler to revert it to the MIT word-for-word.

I would ask that you do this, simply because the code is posted on the wiki, which is a public and informal place. If you are going to license code on the wiki rather than allowing it into the public domain, it would be nice to use a standard license to avoid the disagreements and confusion that are already surfacing in this thread. I think that explicitly stating "This work is under MIT license, the same license as Lua" would go a long way toward avoiding the issues.

I only found one other copyright assertion on the entire wiki, by Peter Prade ( Personally, I would rather not see such assertions on the wiki at all. Remember that any anonymous person can go to the page and change your copyright assertion, the license, or the code. If you really want to assert copyright or license on a work, it should be distributed from an immutable source, such as one's own web site.


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