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Thatcher Ulrich said:
> The and have the lib prefix due to
> Linux/Unix convention, and need to stay that way, I believe.

Agreed. The dropping of the "lib" prefix idea was about extra libraries
only, not about the files from the Lua distribution itself.

> Re using "luaopen_*" for the module entry point for binary modules:
> that sounds like a good convention to me.  luacheia does not mandate a
> convention here, because luacheia always includes a specific stub
> loader, but a generic stub loader seems handy.

Yeah, the idea was to keep things as simple as possible.

> As far as directories go, luacheia does have some existing standards;
> this page talks about it:

It's similar to what I proposed, except that my idea is to keep the
.so/.a/.dll files on a different directory, just for better organization,
but I believe this is not a big issue.