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"Asko Kauppi" <> writes:

> For me, personally, SCons fixes the problem that I don't want .o's
> thrown around in the source directories. I hate it, and it makes
> multiplatform builds practically not an option.

Both BSD and GNU make support this via VPATH.  autoconf/automake tools are
particularly good about this, in that they support it without much
additional effort.  Just make an empty build directory (usually *not* a
child of the source directory) for each system, run
../whatever/src/configure in it, and run make.

> Third... (not convinced, yet? ;P ) SCons does dependency check much
> more clever than make does. Make uses timestamps, period. SCons finds
> header changes and, most importantly, recompiles if the compilation
> parameters (command line) has changed. This is immensely important,
> since it practically avoids doing 'make clean'.

You can add a dependency on Makefile with much of the same result.  It's not
quite as nice though.

BTW, the one thing that autoconf does better than any of its alternatives is
support cross-compilation.  I think this is because many of the users and
developers are at Cygnus (er redhat now) and care about it themselves.
After looking at Hamster it shouldn't be too hard to add simple support for
this.  I guess you can use autoconf and Hamster together...