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Title: scons with toLua++


I'm trying to get toLua++ up and running.  It's install file says this:

This version of tolua++ uses SCons to compile ( SCons is
python based, IF YOU DON'T HAVE PYTHON, you can download a stand-alone version
of SCons from their website.

Question:  I'm doing this on windows (NT), and I don't have python installed, so, where is the stand-alone version?
I downloaded "", but it's scons file is a python file, i.e. that doesn't work.

Is this the true "stand-alone" version?  If so, how do I compile my "SConstruct" for toLua++ using it, but without python?

If not, which is the correct "stand-alone" file?

Also: Will I be able to use this with a Lua debugger, for instance the luaIDE?