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At 15:06 4/8/2003, you wrote:
It is necessary that PATH contains the current directory. For example, make_all calls itself recursively in subdirectories with "make_all" instead of "./make_all".

  That´s correct. We will fix this.

I'm just curious to try IUP and don't have several hours to devote to debugging its build problems on a standard Linux system (Debian). If you create a fresh account on a freshly-installed Linux distribution and try to build your tools I think you will see the problems immediately. For example you'll find quickly that the Linux distributions do not contain a directory called "/home/t/tecgraf/lib/cd/" :-). I think you can do this yourself and it will be the most efficient way to improve your build. I'll attach a few error outputs anyway.

Unfortunely tecmake instalation demands you to edit some of the scritps to make all things work.

  Basically you have to edit:

     tecmake (in UNIX)
     tec_uname (in UNIX, to change TCG_HOME)
     remote (in UNIX if you are going to use remote compiling)
     tecmake.bat (in Windows)

The problems you sent occoured because extended controls depends on the CD library. And iuplua of course depends on the Lua library.

  Internally Tecmake depends on the variables: CDINC, CD, LUAINC and LUA.

These are set in tec_uname. They are not hardcoded in Tecmake. If you installed Lua in a different folder, then just point the environment variable to that folder. You must run tec_uname once before using Tecmake, because it sets the TEC_UNAME variable.

If you just want to take a look, ignore controls, matrix and tree. In iuplua.exe comment all the controls initialization and you will only depend on the core IUP library, IUPLUA and LUA.