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  We updated the Tecmake pages today. The translation just got ready.

All the libraries provided in the Tecgraf Download Center were build using Tecmake, including Lua. This help us to keep the libraries compatible and simple to build.

We have 17 "platforms" to build for each library, IUP includes 20 separate libraries, this is a total of 340 libraries. Or a possibility of lots of makefiles...

So we decided not to use makefiles and use only Tecmake. Tecmake is quite simple to install and put to work. But it depends on the gnu make. For Linux this is not a problem. It is not powerful as automake, but more easier.

I also updated the IUP distribution files with some raw makefiles that can be used to build real Makefiles for a particular system. And I include Visual C++ 7 (.Net) project files that we use for debugging in Windows.

  Please let me know if you still need help.


At 19:21 1/8/2003, you wrote:

I tried to build this on Linux but gave up. It seems to depend on tecmake which itself doesn't seem very Linux friendly and has no English docs. Any help would be appreciated.