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Antonio Scuri wrote:
* scripts (make_all, make_uname, etc.) assume that PATH contains current directory (many people refuse to do this for security reasons)

They must be in a folder that is in the PATH. I guess is not necessary that the PATH contains current directory.

It is necessary that PATH contains the current directory. For example, make_all calls itself recursively in subdirectories with "make_all" instead of "./make_all".

   * GNU make is called "make" on Linux, not gmake

  This is documented.

But the tecmake script fails because of this.

   * even after I correct the above, all IUP compiles fail

That is what I am most worried now. I´m sorry that it fails, but I cann't help you (or improve the building process) if you don't send me the details.

Please tell me where it fails. What´s you Linux distribution? What´s the Motif installed?

The newest Linux instalation we have is Red Hat 9, that runs unstable, so we will stay in RH8 for a while.

I'm just curious to try IUP and don't have several hours to devote to debugging its build problems on a standard Linux system (Debian). If you create a fresh account on a freshly-installed Linux distribution and try to build your tools I think you will see the problems immediately. For example you'll find quickly that the Linux distributions do not contain a directory called "/home/t/tecgraf/lib/cd/" :-). I think you can do this yourself and it will be the most efficient way to improve your build. I'll attach a few error outputs anyway.

john@harehare:~/tmp/iup/srccontrols$ tecmake
Compilando iupcb.c...
gcc -c  -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -I../include   -DTEC_UNAME=      \
-DTEC_SYSNAME= -D= -DFUNCPROTO=15 -DNDEBUG -o ../obj/iupcontrols//iupcb.o iupcb.c
<command line>:6:1: no macro name given in #define directive
iupcb.c:18:16: cd.h: No such file or directory
iupcb.c:19:19: cdiup.h: No such file or directory

john@harehare:~/tmp/iup/srcmatrix$ tecmake
if [ ! -d ../obj/iupmatrix ] ; then mkdir -p ../obj/iupmatrix ; fi
make: *** No rule to make target `/home/t/tecgraf/lib/cd/include/cd.h',\
    needed by `../obj/iupmatrix//imcolres.o'.  Stop.

john@harehare:~/tmp/iup/srclua5$ tecmake
Compilando alarm.c...
gcc -c  -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -I../include -I../src           \
    -DNDEBUG -o ../obj/iuplua5//alarm.o alarm.c
<command line>:7:1: no macro name given in #define directive
alarm.c:5:17: lua.h: No such file or directory
alarm.c:6:21: lauxlib.h: No such file or directory

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