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Nick Trout wrote:

I'll check out luabind, at first glance it seems better supported than

It's all hardcore template madness so you'll be at home there (so forget
that with CodeWarrior - although I think VC can just about keep up). I
have a feeling it's still kind of pre-alpha status though from listening
to noise on the mailing list.

It's not as much pre-alpha as you might think. The parts that are implemented work pretty much without a problem, it's just that some things aren't there yet. Bu tin any case, the best C++ wrappers for lua, and with active developers, too. We use it for our current prototype, and it's been a blessing.

The template stuff is definitely not for the faint of heart, and you're going to hate those compile times after a while. Luckily, both incredibuild and distcc are my friends.

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