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> I'm not sure what font you're using, but shown in Outlook,
> it's atrocious.
> > In the newsgroup archives I found mention of LuaPlus
> > (, an extension to Lua for C++
> with
> > addin support for Visual Studio's debugger and a whole
> lot more.
> >
> > Anyone else using this?  it looked rather good,
> especially
> > the Lua core
> > enhancements: integral support for wide strings and
> > metatables for integral types too.
> Microsoft shipped Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding
> (
> using a LuaPlus
> version written for Lua 4.1 Alpha.  Sometime in the next
> six months, I am
> aware of 5 game titles that will be shipping using
> LuaPlus.  I am also aware
> of several other games whose ship dates I don't know using
> LuaPlus.  In
> addition, there are quite a few other companies who have
> been in contact
> with me with questions/feature requests.
> So in answer to your question, yes, there are quite a few
> people using it.
> > A lot of the C++ wrappers made sense too.
> Yep.  LuaObject and LuaTableIterator are my favorites.
> LuaObject doesn't
> require any form of stack manipulation, and that goes a
> long way toward
> making the C++ interface to Lua much cleaner.
> > I didn't see mention of it on, or maybe it
> was
> > in too obscure a place to find.
> I don't think it was there, although a past C++ wrapper I
> wrote, LuaState,
> was.  I decided I wasn't going to make the Lua mailing
> list or other
> Lua-core-specific sites my personal advertising spot.
> Normally, I take
> LuaPlus conversations offline if they ever show up on
> list.  Since your
> question was asked to the Lua community, I am responding
> to the Lua
> community.
> > Martin says:
> > I was looking at LuaPlus but gave up on the facts that
> it was specifically
> Win32 only...
> It may look that way, but it isn't entirely true.  There
> is one individual I
> am aware of using LuaPlus on Linux.  Sure, he doesn't have
> access to the
> Remote Lua Debugger or the various VS.NET Lua add-ins, but
> that's only part
> of the package.  Your statement just reminded me that this
> individual was
> going to send me the patches to LuaPlus to get it
> compiling on Linux, and I
> never followed up on it.
> The biggest Linux issues we ran into were #pragma once not
> existing in
> headers and wchar_t actually being 4 bytes instead of 2.
> > There is also "Sol" which LuaPlus (and LuaState) seem to
> take ideas from.
> > It also appears that most of Sol's "improvements" were
> inherited for Lua
> > version 5.
> Yep.  Edgar and I used to have conversations about Lua
> features.  I always
> gave him credit for what was his.  My biggest issue with
> Sol was it was a
> huge rework of the Lua core.  LuaPlus just patches the
> core when a feature
> is needed.  Sol renamed EVERYTHING.
> > John says:
> > As far as C++ wrappers, I haven't had the opportunity to
> use it yet,
> > but have you looked at luabind
> (
> LuaBind and LuaPlus fill two different niches.  LuaPlus
> isn't interested in
> duplicating features like cross language inheritance.  The
> LuaBind team did
> an EXCELLENT job at implementing features like that.  My
> biggest issue with
> LuaPlus is its reliance on Boost.  You can't really pick
> and choose a few
> features of Boost.  You take it all or you take nothing.
> I'm not in a
> position to inherit the entire library (and its subsequent
> reliance on STL).

This is a common and strange misconception. Boost is mostly
a headers-only library, only a few of the boost libraries
are compiled. luabind mostly relies on type_traits and mpl,
none of which are compiled. What's the issue with using

Daniel Wallin