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> > I'll check out luabind, at first glance it seems better
> supported than
> > LuaPlus.
> It's all hardcore template madness so you'll be at home
> there (so forget
> that with CodeWarrior - although I think VC can just about
> keep up). I
> have a feeling it's still kind of pre-alpha status though
> from listening
> to noise on the mailing list. Personally I wonder about
> the efficiency
> of it all if used extensively, just like you might worry
> about STL -
> although I haven't tested this. Granted, your vector
> template stuff was
> brilliant for optimizing vector math. We just do manual
> bindings as our
> scripter API doesn't match the game class structure. There
> is very
> little hierarchy or structure presented to the scripters
> to make
> everyone's life easier.

Actually, luabind does work with CW8. The only thing that
doesn't work (that I'm aware of) is that CW can't tell the
difference between const and non-const memberfunctions. This
doesn't break support though, if you can stay away from
overloads that only differ on constness.

It is not in pre-alpha, it's in beta6. I would say it's
pretty stable.

As for performance, every feature has a price. In
particular, overloading introduces some additional cost when
resolving which overload to call. This overhead mostly
disapears in the noise with all the lua_XXX call's anyway.
As for the generated code, it is very efficient, using
templates and extensive inlining.

Daniel Wallin