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> I'll check out luabind, at first glance it seems better supported than
> LuaPlus.

It's all hardcore template madness so you'll be at home there (so forget
that with CodeWarrior - although I think VC can just about keep up). I
have a feeling it's still kind of pre-alpha status though from listening
to noise on the mailing list. Personally I wonder about the efficiency
of it all if used extensively, just like you might worry about STL -
although I haven't tested this. Granted, your vector template stuff was
brilliant for optimizing vector math. We just do manual bindings as our
scripter API doesn't match the game class structure. There is very
little hierarchy or structure presented to the scripters to make
everyone's life easier.

> I hope I'm not causing too many waves of disapproval in the Lua crowd
> my sudden torrent of questions and poking about.  :-)

It's always interesting when someone has a new angle on things. It's an
interesting mix of academics, from whom I've learnt a lot about
languages, game writers who are obsessed with size and speed, and more
casual users who are just looking for good language solutions. I think
they're a pretty sociable bunch actually.