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Dylan Cuthbert wrote:
> In the newsgroup archives I found mention of LuaPlus
> (, an extension to Lua for C++ with addin support
> for Visual Studio's debugger and a whole lot more.
> Anyone else using this?  it looked rather good, especially the Lua core
> enhancements: integral support for wide strings and metatables for integral
> types too.  A lot of the C++ wrappers made sense too.
> I didn't see mention of it on, or maybe it was in too obscure
> a place to find.

Hi Dylan,

As far as C++ wrappers, I haven't had the opportunity to use it yet, but have you looked
at luabind (

I think it's unfortunate that the various extentions out there these days (like extended
metatables) aren't maintained as stand-alone patches to the official distribution.  Such
patches were popular in the Lua 4 days (see,
but the art of careful mix-and-match friendly patching seems to have been lost somewhere.

I added a LuaPlus link to


http:// if   l .o  /