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On 03.06.14 Enno Rehling pressed the following keys:

> >The python indentation was one of the leading arguments _not_ to use 
> >Python for me..
> Because you do not indent properly?

No, because he indents differently that python people consider the only
poper form.

Consider the example given here several times on each indentation

AmericanDolar = 3.75
  PolskiZloty = 1.00
 DeutscheMark = 2.34
       EUEuro = 4.44

I know you can write it different way, but the point is that I've seen
several times people indenting this way and aparently it was the most
readable for them.


[1] There was never any discussion -- some people like to indent the way
 they like and other people think there is the only one proper way to
 indent, the way they do.

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