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Sorry, it just clicked in my head that your were
referring to a statically linked stdio, not Lua.
That I don't know about. I'm not sure how the stock
dll was done. And honestly, I don't know about how
Windows links the stdio library. It's seems so
fundamental to C, that I don't ever think about it or
see people discussing it in Windows.


--- Wim Couwenberg <> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Hmmm. I think I solved both problems. You were
> right
> > Ashwin. After building my own lua.dll and
> lualib.dll
> > instead of using the stock dlls from the Lua
> website,
> > the problem went away for both. So I think there
> is a
> > problem with the stock dll.
> As you are using the dynamic libraries of Lua, I was
> just wondering...
> Could the problem have been that there were several
> incarnations of the
> standard lib around:  one statically linked into the
> Lua DLL and another one
> in your own project (either statically or
> dynamically linked)?  Maybe this
> caused the app to choke when writing to stdout?
> (On a different note:  In a Windows UI app it is not
> clear to what exactly
> stdout (and stderr) is wired, if to anything at all.
>  Just writing to
> stdout/stderr will definitely lead to trouble in
> that setting.)
> Bye,
> Wim

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