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> Hmmm. I think I solved both problems. You were right
> Ashwin. After building my own lua.dll and lualib.dll
> instead of using the stock dlls from the Lua website,
> the problem went away for both. So I think there is a
> problem with the stock dll.

As you are using the dynamic libraries of Lua, I was just wondering...
Could the problem have been that there were several incarnations of the
standard lib around:  one statically linked into the Lua DLL and another one
in your own project (either statically or dynamically linked)?  Maybe this
caused the app to choke when writing to stdout?

(On a different note:  In a Windows UI app it is not clear to what exactly
stdout (and stderr) is wired, if to anything at all.  Just writing to
stdout/stderr will definitely lead to trouble in that setting.)