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My request to employ autoconf in Lua was simply just that, a request.
I am hoping that the lua developers will embrace accepted open source
practice.  It sounds like the answer is no, but before I drop the
issue, please let me add just one more point to the discussion.

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> writes:

> In Lua, in a Unix system that has gcc, you simply type "make install"!
> >The current Lua install method requires that one edit it's makefile.
> Only if you want to do something other than the default. And it's a
> config file, not the Makefile. As far as I can tell, the Makefile is
> pretty standard.  If not, I welcome suggestion on making the
> Makefiles more standard and portable.

The point of using autoconf is that it can be used to automatically
generate the content of the config file.  There is no need to ask that
humans edit the config file.  Let autoconf probe the environment and
then write the config file. 

> Lua is 100% ANSI C. You only need an ANSI C compiler to build it.
> There's no need for Autoconf because it does not depend on the OS.

Just because Lua is 100% ANSI C does not imply its build process is
does not depend on the OS.  This is the reason you have a config file.