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>  Mon, 18 Feb 2002 14:44:53 -0800 (PST)
>  Andy Tai <> wrote:
>  I would to mention that a patch to add autoconf
>  support to the Lua distribution exists at
>  It was against an earlier version of Lua, but I would
>  guess it also works for the latest 4.1 "work" version.

So  this may  be  the way  to  go: someone  supports  this patch,  and
autoconf writes the makefile config, and  this stuff is put on the Lua
wiki or so.

My opinion on  autoconf: this stuff has been made to  find out the way
how lots of  non-ANSI features are available. Lua  _is_ ANSI, so there
is no need to use autoconf.  The only thing I have to find out for Lua
is which compiler to  use. If there is more than one  on the system, I
anyway will have to tell this even to configure.  

I just tried

cc -O2 -o bin/lua -Iinclude -Isrc src/*.c src/lib/*.c src/lua/*.c -lm

from lhf's post,  and it works. No more to say. May be you provide a
dummy configure sript, this would resolve the problem ;-)

I am compiling Lua in an automated configuration processs, and I do so
with other,  autoconf'ed packages. When it comes  to installation into
non-standard places (what  I am doing) I don't  see any advantage from
autoconf as anyway I have to  fiddle with the flags to autoconf to get
it to  work. configure/make/make install  only works when I  put stuff
into /usr/local  the standard way. In  any other situation,  I have to
look what make install really does in order to get things right.

So please do not force the use of autoconf, may be for people who like
configure/make/make install someone could maintain a patch on the wiki.


Juergen Fuhrmann
                             Numerical Mathematics & Scientific Computing
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