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--- In lua-l@y..., CRIBBSJ <CRIBBSJ@o...> wrote:
> IMHO, it would make more sense to compare Lua to Tcl, not Python 
> Perl.  Python is know for its "batteries" included philosophy.  
Perl is 
> just ... bloated (not that that's horrible; you can get A LOT done 
> Perl).  Tcl, on the other hand, is still relatively lean and 
mean.  Most 


> being a successor to Tcl.  Of course, I hold Tcl in a lot higher 
> than a lot of people do.  :)

True, I would agree with you that Tcl is probably a better thing to 
compare it with.  And we hold opposite views on Tcl ;)  (I'm in the 
process of convincing developers on other products here to offer Lua 
instead of Tcl as the embedded scripting language, and these 
products are for developing embedded control systems)

> By the way, in response to your statement above, there are a lot 
> people on this list who could care less about the discussions 
> have about Lua's embedded capabilities.  :)     I think Lua is a 
> enough language to satisfy both camps.

Also agreed.  I should proof my posts before sending to keep this in 
mind. :)

Jim Wuerch
Real-Time Innovations