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> What about the fltk toolkit  (see -- Jay Carlson started
> a        toLua       based        luafltk        connection       (see
>, he posted that  in the list, too. I
> like fltk for  its compactness, it compiles cleanly  on all major UNIX
> platforms  (like  lua ;-)  )  and  works atop  of  both  X and  win32.
> Furthermore it comes with excellent OpenGL integration.  My impression
> on gtk  and wxwindows  is that --  while their look-and-feel  might be
> more professional --  that they are too much  Linux-centered. At least
> this  was the state  some time  ago when  I tried  to compile  them on
> OSF1/Digital/Tru64/???-Unix. Then, they are quite huge.  IMHO, a basic
> design goal of such an effort  should be that the resulting code is as
> compact and portable a Lua is. Then this would be really useful stuff.

Hi Juergen, I put a comparison of GUI libraries on
wxWindows runs on Mac which FLTK does not. I'll bet more development is done
on win32 in wxWindows now than Unix?! The wxLua library might be quite large
but then it is very powerful. A lot of effort was put into wxWindows 2 to
reduce dependencies. It may be possible to reduce dependencies to unnecessary
widget classes and reduce the DLL size for the debugger and editor. wxLua ZIP
is currently 463k (including binding code) which I dont think is massive to
distribute. Im sure gz would do an even better job. I think the basic design
goals are like Lua, but portablity being above size. Thus, wxWindows is a
better choice?