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Hi all,

As part  of the LuaSocket  project, I once considered  providing support
for  the  MIME standard.  I  decided  it  was too  "off-topic",  though.
Anyways,  I believe  that  HTML messages  are  multi-part MIME  messages
divided  into  two  parts,  one  containing  an HTML  document  and  the  other
containing a plain-text version of the same message.

The point is (and that makes the message "on-topic"), has anyone written
a little  Lua program  to read  a MIME  document and  split it  into its
parts? If so, it should be trivial to get rid of the parts. One could
set up his/her own procmail to pass all messages through a Lua program 
that deletes one part or the other. That way, both worlds could be happy 
and we can keep discussing Lua.