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My own .02 worth:

Drop the HTML email messages.  It's just a bad idea.  If you need a fancy, formatted document then write it in word or whatever and send it as an 

I don't care about pretty fonts or bold text or any of that other junk.  In fact, my email tool barfs on that junk.  HTML doesn't buy you anything when it comes 
to email.  It doesn't provide "compatibility", if it did this thread would not continue.  All it provides is bloat.  So what is the point?  

In all fairness, I guess if you use your email tool to write you HTML pages for your website.....nah... no one would be that silly.

Take Care


On Mon, 5 Nov 2001 20:41:16 -0200 (BRST), Diego Fernandes Nehab wrote:

>Hi all,
>As part  of the LuaSocket  project, I once considered  providing support
>for  the  MIME standard.  I  decided  it  was too  "off-topic",  though.
>Anyways,  I believe  that  HTML messages  are  multi-part MIME  messages
>divided  into  two  parts,  one  containing  an HTML  document  and  the  other
>containing a plain-text version of the same message.
>The point is (and that makes the message "on-topic"), has anyone written
>a little  Lua program  to read  a MIME  document and  split it  into its
>parts? If so, it should be trivial to get rid of the parts. One could
>set up his/her own procmail to pass all messages through a Lua program 
>that deletes one part or the other. That way, both worlds could be happy 
>and we can keep discussing Lua.