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On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 01:17:15PM -0800, Curt Carpenter wrote:
> I'm sorry you are annoyed with html mail. Perhaps surprisingly, those of us who use html do so not because we are not clever enough to configure our mail clients otherwise, but because we actually prefer it. As you are annoyed with html mail, so too am I annoyed with plain text messages. I wish everyone used html mail, but I'm not going to try to force it on anyone.
> The amount of network bandwidth and storage space of this mailing list is trivial at best.
> I'm hitting the Send button somewhat reluctantly and apologetically, as I recognize this is off topic.

Well, I'll send all my emails in EBCDIC instead of ASCII in future, because I
prefer it.  Sod the standards and all.  I'll also format my emails to 20
characters per row too, because it's more annoying that way.  I'll tell you
what, for total disregard of standards, I'll write my email in a word
processor, save as PDF and UUEncode it - that's making use of modern

Sorry for the rant, but I think it highlights a bogus point.

Rob Kendrick -
You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny.