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| I am interested in providing support for scripted sprite behaviors in a game
| I'm writing in C. This is my first time ever providing support for a
| scripted language in a program I've written, and Lua seems that it will suit
| my purposes very well. I have made my way through "Programming in Lua," the
| text that is available from the Lua home page, but this book is only a draft
| and the section on the C API is incomplete. I am looking for another
| resource that will help me along these lines. I am a complete Lua newbie,
| aside from the few days' experience I have had with this book.

For Lua, look at: . "toLua" is a very
useful resource for wrapping your code (and now there is SWIG Lua, although I
havent used this). Off the top of my head, look at ClanLib and SDL. People have
wrapped both with Lua to use for cross platform 2d games. CDX is another
possibility. I believe the wrappers exist on SourceForge. Oh also, look at for some more examples eg. HZ

If the wiki is lacking in information I'd be grateful if you'd leave a message
in the GuestBook with any comments. ( )