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[]Im Auftrag von Philippe Lhoste
Gesendet: Freitag, 20. Juli 2001 15:42
An: Multiple recipients of list
Betreff: Titmouse editor/debugger


Great to have at least a good Lua debugger under Windows.
Even greater that it uses Scintilla! BTW, don't forget to put SciLexer.dll
in the same directory as Titmouse.exe, otherwise it crashes. A check for the
result of LoadLibrary would be good here. Since I have the source, I will
and improve it.


just a small thing:
It would be nice if titmouse supported the param switch -open: so that I
could open my lua scripts into the debugger
by double clicking it in the explorer.
Currently this just works for scite.exe: "scite -open: test.lua" starts
SciTE and opens the file.

Regards Mario.