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On Mon, 9 Jul 2001 16:59:03 -0300, lhf wrote:

>So, we're considering moving lua-l fully to Yahoo Groups. Everyone will be
>automatically added to lua-l at Yahoo Groups and so this move will be mostly
>transparent. Also, I understand that you do not need an Yahoo ID to be a member
>of an Yahoo group: everything can be handled by email.
>You only need an Yahoo ID if you want to use the services of Yahoo Groups, such
>as changing your subscription to digest or web, for instance.
>This message is just to let you know our plans regarding lua-l.
>Do any of you object to this move?
>Perhaps there are disadvantages that we do not know about. Right now, I only
>know of advantages (eg., automatic handling of requests, digest subscriptions).
>I wish I knew how fast posting are delivered to Yahoo Groups. Our list server
>here is pretty fast.
>If there are no complaints, the change to Yahoo Groups will happen during next
>week. The list at TeCGraf may be down during the transition.


Yahoo registration (which is required to do *anything* with your subscription)
requires you to supply a lot of personal information which they have no cause to
need. Also, I have heard reports from people of the level of spam they have
received since registering with Yahoo having gone up. The lists may not get as
much spam, but the subscribers do...

I have no hard evidence, but I don't get the feeling that Yahoo are viewed