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On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

> It's almost an year since we installed the new (Lua based) list server
> here at TeCGraf. On the whole, I'm pretty satisfied with it, but lua-l
> has reached a size that I can no longer manage it by hand. Plus, the
> server is not spam proof.

Welcome to the club. I worked on network management for almost seven
years. My conclusion is that, no matter what you do, no server is

> So, we're considering moving lua-l fully to Yahoo Groups. [...]
> This message is just to let you know our plans regarding lua-l. Do any
> of you object to this move?

I object I don't want my email address stored at Yahoo Groups.

> Perhaps there are disadvantages that we do not know about. Right now,
> I only know of advantages (eg., automatic handling of requests, digest
> subscriptions). I wish I knew how fast posting are delivered to Yahoo
> Groups. Our list server here is pretty fast.

Delivery time seems not to be a problem in lua-l, WRT the other
advantages, most modern MLM software today have the features you
mentioned. Depending on the operating system the list is running on, a
ready-to install package may be available.

Queso told me that is running "Reliant Unix
from Siemens-Nixdorf", that I don't know, but if you have a spare in which
you can install FreeBSD, I cant help you to put a new MLM running.

> If there are no complaints, the change to Yahoo Groups will happen
> during next week. The list at TeCGraf may be down during the
> transition. --lhf

If this is your final decision, please unsubscribe me before doing the
move. Don't take me wrong, but after the experience I had with my previous
email address ( I became a little bit
paranoid. :-)

Prof. Carlos A. M. dos Santos
    Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões
Campus de Santo Ângelo, Depto. de Engenharias e Ciência da Computação
Av. Universidade das Missões, 393 - Santo Ângelo, RS - CEP 98.802-470