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> >     I can say that we tried to use LUA in the AI of the game Tainá. But
> > really didn't work. It's not for that. We used LUA in level scripts
> > we changed it, but initially it was in lua) game interface, win/lose
> > screens. Even in animations bitmaps sequence. That's what lua is for.
> >
> Uhhrm.. then.. what faster scripting language do you suggest?, i have see
> in various benchmarks page that lua is one of the fastest.

    I end up using C directly for the AI algorithms. It was surely worthy.
If you really intend to use a scripting language, then, just try out with
lua. I think it's the best language for you to test.

> And.. there is a URL for Taina?

    Tainá is a game based on a brazilian movie (from the amazon forest). The
game is not yet being published because it is about to be released. The page
for the movie is at : . I believe the game will be
listed there in a few days. But it's being released this month in Brazil. I
don't know if it'll be published outside Brazil yet.

Mauricio Oliveira Carneiro (HoBBiT)
Tecgraf - Puc-rio (