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> I would suspect that lua has been used in real time strategy games, but
> never as a way of controlling AI.  That's really not what lua is for.  Lua
> is for programming level scripts, win scenarios, dialog, popups, descision
> branch points, game interface panels, win/lose screens, etc.  It is also
> plugging non-realtime parameters into your C AI routines to tweak them,
> loading AI tables and values as LUA table files, and debugging.

    I can say that we tried to use LUA in the AI of the game Tainá. But it
really didn't work. It's not for that. We used LUA in level scripts (later
we changed it, but initially it was in lua) game interface, win/lose
screens. Even in animations bitmaps sequence. That's what lua is for.

Mauricio Oliveira Carneiro
Tecgraf - Puc-rio (