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On Wed, 18 Apr 2001 18:08:40 -0300
"Mauricio Carneiro" <> wrote:

> > I would suspect that lua has been used in real time strategy games, but
> > never as a way of controlling AI.  That's really not what lua is for.  Lua
> > is for programming level scripts, win scenarios, dialog, popups, descision
> > branch points, game interface panels, win/lose screens, etc.  It is also
> for
> > plugging non-realtime parameters into your C AI routines to tweak them,
> > loading AI tables and values as LUA table files, and debugging.
>     I can say that we tried to use LUA in the AI of the game Tainá. But it
> really didn't work. It's not for that. We used LUA in level scripts (later
> we changed it, but initially it was in lua) game interface, win/lose
> screens. Even in animations bitmaps sequence. That's what lua is for.

Uhhrm.. then.. what faster scripting language do you suggest?, i have see
in various benchmarks page that lua is one of the fastest.

And.. there is a URL for Taina?

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