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>> The site offering the Borland Delphi and C++ Builder headers/libs for Lua
>> seems to have been taken down.  This site was called "Lunacy - Dave's Lua
>> Page" and was located at
>> Does anyone know what happened to this page and is anyone else making the
>> headers available for download?
>That's strange, I have checked this site not long ago, when I was doing my 
>project files, to see if I could reuse the .def files.

See lua/etc/def.lua for a script that creates .def files.
Also, Lua 4.0 now includes LUA_API and LUALIB_API macros that can be used to
compile Lua into libraries that can be used in Delphi and Visual Basic.

>There is a mail address:, but it can be desactivated 
>as the site. Perhaps he reads this list...

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