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sorry for my poor english

I have made a conversion of Lua 3.2 headers for delphi
and I actualy works in th 4.0.

You can found the header for Lua 3.2 at this adress :
  Home :
  DownLoad :

sorry actualy the homepage was only in french

I think i can put the Lua 4.0 headers in few days at this
adress :
  DownLoad :

Tech notes :

Lua32 headers :
  the lua 32 headers i provide was a translation of all the
  headers in only one file with dynamic load of th to lib
  provided by TeCGraf.
  (you must call the loads function to load the dll see Exs)

Lua40 headers :
  My actual works was to provide direct port of headers
  with static load of dll, after i provide somes with dinamyc
  i do not provide binaries of th lua40 dll for windows so
  if anyone have it can you send me.(with cdecl calls or
  stdcall (but ask me)).

I post a mail when i realse this headers.
-- D-12, on 11/29/2000