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> The site offering the Borland Delphi and C++ Builder headers/libs for Lua
> seems to have been taken down.  This site was called "Lunacy - Dave's Lua
> Page" and was located at
> Does anyone know what happened to this page and is anyone else making the
> headers available for download?
That's strange, I have checked this site not long ago, when I was doing my 
project files, to see if I could reuse the .def files.
I downloaded various small bits (I am always avid to see other Lua code 
snippets), but finally didn't used them.

Now, the site seems close. You can see a copy of the page on Google (I 
searched for Bollinger and Lunacy), but unfortunately, the binaries aren't 
available, of course. And I didn't downloaded what you are looking for.
The cached page is quite old, the one I saw featured the Lua 4.0 beta, and 
didn't shown all I see there (VB, the Mersenne Twister script, which I 
intended to implement too, his project, etc.).

There is a mail address:, but it can be desactivated 
as the site. Perhaps he reads this list...

Sorry as I can't help you more.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist