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>From Tue Jul 20 14:33:31 1999
>From: "Nick Trout" <>

>Hi, isn't it about time Lua had a Newsgroup?? comp.lang.lua?

I asked this when the list had 100 people in it and the reply in the list was
mostly against it (see the archive).
There are now around 150 people in the list. So, maybe the mood has changed.
I think 100 "yes" votes are needed to create a newsgroup.
I don't know much about the process, though.
I think it needs to be conducted by an impartial party (ie., not the Lua team).
Any volunteers?

>Be nice if all these threads were organised. There seems to be a fair amount
>of mail flying around at the moment!

Well, if you get the archive and read it with a mail reader that supports
threads (eg., Netscape's), then it'll do this for you.

Also, the mirror at probably supports threads and searching.