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At 01:17 PM 7/20/99 , you wrote:
> To get a group proposal passed, you need

>1) at least 100 votes total
>2) 2/3 of them must be "yes"
>3) there must be 100 more "yes" than "no" votes

#3 makes #1 a pointless requirement.  If #3 holds true, #1 automatically
holds true.

>Expect at least 20 to 50 "no" votes from news.groups regulars, just on
>general principle.  

I've never quite understood the motives of people who would say "no" to a
newsgroup dealing with a subject they have no interest in one way or
another.  Do they just get off on saying "I don't want people to talk about
things I'm not interested in" or something?

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