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> From  Tue Jul 20 10:42:22 1999
> From: "Nick Trout" <>
> Hi, isn't it about time Lua had a Newsgroup?? comp.lang.lua?
> Be nice if all these threads were organised. There seems to be a fair amount
> of mail flying around at the moment!

You don't need a USENET newsgroup to properly organize and thread these

Also, to get comp.lang.lua, which is a "Big 8" newsgroup, we'd wind up in
front of the folks on news.groups.  Go lurk there for a while.  They're
mostly interested in whether or not the proposed newsgroup has long term
viability.  The first thing they'll ask is "How many messages a day does
the mailing list get?".  5 messages a day will not impress them.  Many will
vote "no" for anything less than 50 messages a day.  To get a group proposal
passed, you need

1) at least 100 votes total
2) 2/3 of them must be "yes"
3) there must be 100 more "yes" than "no" votes

Expect at least 20 to 50 "no" votes from news.groups regulars, just on
general principle.  Can you count 150 people who would vote "yes" ?
Note that mass advertising of the form "Please vote yes! for comp.lang.lua"
is considered canvassing for votes, and will cause the vote to be
invalidated, delaying everything by 6 months (at least), and causing
more negative residual from news.groups regulars.

I'm not trying to deter you, but I strongly suggest you lurk on news.groups
for a while, or go find the news.groups archives.  Getting a "Big 8" group
takes a lot of work to do right.  To succeed, it is essential to have an
understanding of the mindset of the people who are most likely to defeat