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> I've ported Lua to Windows CE 2.0 by writing my own very minimal version 
> of C standard I/O (based on some Microsoft sampel code for a text window). 

   I'm working with CE1.0, but as I recall, there wasn't much of a change
   in the standard I/O between 1.0 and 2.0. 

   In general, most of the stdio functionality needed doesn't vary much
   from platform to platform(with the exception of FILE functions). 
   Does anyone know of an open source basic stdio library that might
   work well with Lua that we could use to make a more complete generic
   Lua stdio? This should also help with other embedded systems.

> Would you like me to email you a copy of the Windows CE Lua source code?

   Definitely, i'd appreciate it. The two big places i'm getting bogged
   down are the sscanf/sprintf variants and the FILE functions.

> It works but I've never tidied it up as much as I wanted too!

   Heh, the lament of the modern software engineer.. ;-)

_Ken (