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> At 11:40 AM 6/23/99 , you wrote:
> >>   Speaking of Win32, if anyone is interested in working on a Win32
> >>   Lua windowing library, please let me know.
> >why don't use TKLua? Isn't It portable?
> It may be portable, but Tcl/Tk also rather large.

 I agree.
 I'm the one who created the Luasock lib, but my knowledge about socks
 is nil. 
 I did a Win32 version using the GCC for Win32 by Cygnus (
 It's free.
 Works so fine, but I can't join a library generated by gcc-win with
 MS Visual C programs.
 So I changed the code to use Winsock lib with Visual C, but it was not
 tested enough.

 Andre Derraik

PS: Sorry by the english