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Hello Sam,

On 16. Feb 2020, at 20:17, Sam Putman <> wrote:

On Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 11:35 AM Mueller Peter <> wrote:

!!! Build robust event-driven software based on hierarchical state machines!!!

The Sinelabore Code Generator now supports the generation of Lua code from UML state machine diagrams.

Use your favorite modeling tool (EA, Astah, UModel, …) and generate code from it with an easy-to-use command line tool. Automatic model checks warn from design flaws. Configure the generation process according to your needs. Simulate your model. Generate trace code automatically if needed. All major state machine features like hierarchical states, regions, history, sub-machines … are supported.

This is an interesting project, a couple questions:

Does it support PlantUML?

I looked into this but found no easy way to specify code for the entry/exit/do … actions.
Do you have experience with the tool? Take a look on the tool’s website about the supported
UML tool. The list is quite long alreay.

An alternative could be the built-in editor in the Sinelabore code generator. With the option “-E” 
it starts in editor mode (based on graphviz) which is sufficient in many cases. Give it a try.

Is it open source?

It is closed source

Best regards,