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Here are some suggestions to lua sources.

1. lauxlib.c has one reduced var declaration, patch attached.
2. ldblib.c has two reduced vars declaration, patch attached.
3. lvm.c (line 1675) possible division by zero?
4. ldebug.c (line 305), currentline shadows functions with same name.
5. lcode.c or lcode.h luaK_settablesize function argument names inversion.
LUAI_FUNC void luaK_settablesize (FuncState *fs, int pc,
                                                 int ra, int rb, int rc);
void luaK_settablesize (FuncState *fs, int pc, int ra, int rc, int rb)

params 4 e 5

Ranier Vilela

Attachment: lauxlib.patch
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Attachment: ldblib.patch
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