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> Here are some suggestions to lua sources.
> 1. lauxlib.c has one reduced var declaration, patch attached.
> 2. ldblib.c has two reduced vars declaration, patch attached.
> 3. lvm.c (line 1675) possible division by zero?
> 4. ldebug.c (line 305), currentline shadows functions with same name.
> 5. lcode.c or lcode.h luaK_settablesize function argument names inversion.
> lcode.h
> LUAI_FUNC void luaK_settablesize (FuncState *fs, int pc,
>                                                  int ra, int rb, int rc);
> lcode.c
> void luaK_settablesize (FuncState *fs, int pc, int ra, int rc, int rb)
> params 4 e 5

Many thanks. How did you find them? About item 3, I don't see how the
divisor could be zero there, given that 'step' cannot be zero.

-- Roberto