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On Thu, Jan 30, at 04:51 Coda Highland wrote:
> Yes, C++ IS a powerful multiparadigm language, supported on more platforms
> than just about anything but C, capable of interfacing with more libraries
> than any other programming language, safer to use than C, faster than most
> of the languages that tried to supplant it.
> But C++ isn't THAT complicated.

You know what i get? Its mostly fear.

The fear might originate (perhaps okey?) so..., this might came from, lets say some
kind of an (underlying (not sure about the word), i want to mean: (it is cultivating
something that can not be seen (even from us that participating in this cultivation)))
elitism of the past, which then in turn feeded complication.

Thinking loudly mostly, this boring night, it would be interesting to see a --C++.
I mean, go back to C, but bringing to C some of the C++; you know the absolute that
make sense. Like namespaces and ... the string. Personally i do not give a dime for
automatic destruction of my objects, i know them, and if i don't know them that good,
i should learned them better, but std::string is beautiful! and i envy C++ for this.

Such safe convienences (backup'ed by the compiler) allow concentration to the logic,
and yes it is true that C doesn't offers those conveniences. But at the same time,
and that is where exactly the C shines like a shining crazy diamond, is that you do
not have the slightest need to learn anything other than this tiny C language itself
to be productive.

But it's not this case of anyother than C, that you should go far beyond the language
to have results. Maybe this is also the weak point of Rust, as it seems that is even
more complicated than C++, which supposedly came to replace.

Even Lua has a long path that you should walk first to fully understand the concepts.

I don't know why we humans aiming to overcomplication, when we can freely choose wise

That's why, a supposedly --C++ and if C cooperates also a bit, it can work and with
unimaginable (for now) possibilities. The important keywords here i think is the
"willing for cooperation", and for the common benefit and as one body.

Buf for Lua this is damn easy!

The language with the exception of a couple of ambuguities is the simplest of all.
The diversity is your nuclear gun and your advantage, or at least can be transformed
to The advantage.
You are pretty smart and you know to work perfectly as a team.
What you need is to find the glue only. But this is already described!

Anyway, maybe the best is not have the singlest expectation. To be honest Lua already
is in a rather good position (it is a reference in the embedded environments).
And probably this is its fate anyway, so admit it and live with it and have fun, and
have some sweet dreams tonight.