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On 09.02.20 13:48, Oliver wrote:
> Then I recognized that the lua path was set to luarocks 3.3.0 under /usr/ and
> not to luarocks 3.3.1 under /usr/local. Then with the correct lua path I got the
> error message:

Sorry I was wrong with my above statement: it was not the Lua path, that was
causing this problem: Luarocks sets up the correct path for /usr/local itself:
my problem was caused because the luarocks install script used the umask that
was active when I did "sudo make install" and therefore luarocks files were only
readable by root.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to correct the Luarocks Makefile to set the
correct permissions when doing "install". I also have the same problems when
installing rockspecs to global: here Luarocks itself does also not explicitly
set the permissions to make the installed files readable by all.

Best regards,