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On 09.02.20 12:10, Thijs Schreijer wrote:
> Thx for the release! But I’m still get the same error;
> thijss-macbook:code thijs$ luarocks install timerwheel
> Installing
> Error: Build error: Failed installing src/timerwheel.lua in /usr/local/Cellar/openresty/ The source and destination are the same files
> thijss-macbook:code thijs$

I tried your rockspec with luarocks 3.3.0 and got the same error. It is caused
because the source file doesn't not exist (at least not at the specified
position, see below).

After installing luarocks 3.3.1 I got again the same error message, although
this error message has been fixed in 3.3.1.

Then I recognized that the lua path was set to luarocks 3.3.0 under /usr/ and
not to luarocks 3.3.1 under /usr/local. Then with the correct lua path I got the
error message:

Error: Build error: Failed installing src/timerwheel.lua in
src/timerwheel.lua: No such file or directory

The source file is not found, because the repository directory is missing in the
rockspec: if you add the "dir" parameter in the rockspec, like:
source = {
  url = "git://",
  tag = "0.1.0",
  dir = "timerwheel.lua",

your rockspec installs fine.

Best regards,